Where to find the best corn dogs in Oxford, Mississippi

Published 9:30 am Friday, October 20, 2017

Are you in Oxford? Do you love corn dogs? Is your wardrobe 92 percent purple and tiger print?


In a town known for having a stellar (and steadily growing) food scene, it’s easy to forget how delicious regular hot dogs are when put on a stick and fried in cornmeal—especially when there are other popular foods on sticks everywhere to be found around here.

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Whether you’re a casual corndog fan or someone who cheers for college football teams from Baton Rouge, here’s your go-to guide to finding the best corn dogs in Oxford.

  • Oxford Growler’s mini corn dogs
  • Sonic Drive-In, because of course
  • Uhh, some gas stations, probably
  • That big box of frozen corn dogs you can find at Walmart because half the fun is making them and scalding your mouth so badly with the first bite you can’t finish the rest
  • Other casual food establishments that probably have a corn dog on the kids’ menu but I can’t guarantee that so call ahead

LOOK FOLKS, it’s pretty hard to mess up a daggum corn dog, so let’s not judge this list too harshly, OK? It’s not like I was just looking for an excuse to write about corn dogs without any forethought just because it’s LSU weekend.

That would be crazy.

…and I’m a professional.