Husband and wife diagnosed with cancer within a month of each other reflect on sickness, recovery

Published 5:28 am Monday, October 23, 2017

Dick and Tina Grau have much more in common than just being husband and wife for the last 27 years.

The Vicksburg couple endured cancer together, both diagnosed within a month of each other in 2011.

“We had to keep notes on each other to keep up with doctor’s appointments,” Tina Grau said.

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Dick Grau, who underwent knee replacement surgery just weeks prior to his cancer diagnosis, said he had been having some issues in October 2011 and decided to get a second opinion at University of Mississippi Medical Center after seeing a local physician. That’s where his diagnosis of kidney cancer was confirmed.

“There’s nothing more fun than going to UMMC emergency room on a Saturday night,” he sarcastically said.

“He saw a doctor at three in the morning,” Tina Grau added.

“The folks at UMMC were wonderful,” Dick Grau said. “They ran a few tests and sent me home to wait on the results.”

The pain he was in was too much to handle and Grau was rushed back to UMMC a day later.

“I was ready to be shot, the pain hurt so bad,” Grau said.

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