10 Mississippi Halloween costume ideas you probably haven’t thought of

Published 7:09 am Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If you’re looking for a way to blend Halloween spirit with your love for the Magnolia State, we’ve got you covered. Not only are the following costume ideas pretty easy to throw together, but all of them have Mississippi ties.

1. Darth Vader

A no-brainer seeing as James Earl Jones, who voiced Darth Vader for much of the Star Wars film series, hails from Mississippi—but also because this is an objectively kickass costume that intimidates people.

2. Dak Prescott

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Athletes are among the easiest costumes to pull off and Dak is no different. All you need is a jersey or even a branded t-shirt or maybe just the number 4 written on your clothing in Sharpie. Regardless, it works without trying too hard.

3. Kermit the Frog (with or without tea)

We all know the late Muppets creator Jim Henson was a native Mississippian, but his star frog Kermit was inspired by a childhood friend from the Delta with the same name (Kermit even refers to himself as a Mississippian in interviews). Easy costume to pull together and a seamless shade-throwing vehicle to boot.

4. Gretchen Wieners (Mean Girls)

Face it: You still quote Mean Girls daily 13 years after its release, and don’t act like you’ve never dreamed about the life of a girl who has everything thanks to her father—the inventor of Toaster Strudel. The best part is Lacey Chabert’s originally from Mississippi, so grab your lipgloss and something pink. It’s time to make fetch happen.

5. Defiant College Gameday Katy Perry

Pop superstar Katy Perry was NOT in the mood for Lee Corso’s antics the day she served as College GameDay’s guest picker in Oxford Oct. 4, 2014. Her picks ended up winning out, even predicting Ole Miss’ improbable win against Alabama later that day. All you need is some sass and a bright fuzzy sweater.

6. The Entire Mississippi State Women’s Basketball Team

It’s been an explosive year for Mississippi women in sports and it all started with the Lady Bulldogs’ unbelievable postseason run that landed them in the national title game against South Carolina. Wonder Woman can take several seats.

7. Channing Tatum

No explanation necessary here, other than people who say he’s from Alabama are VERY WRONG.

8. Landshark

The best thing about this (other than spending an evening in a super-comfy shark onesie) is it works regardless of how you feel about the University of Mississippi’s new mascot. You’re either embracing it or mocking it. Either way, Halloween gets DONE.

9. Machine Gun Kelly

You might have noticed this is not prohibition-era gangster George “Machine Gun Kelly” Barnes. This is Ryan Gosling playing a cop in the 2012 movie “Gangster Squad.” Regardless, Machine Gun Kelly was a real gangster who attended Mississippi State back when it was still Mississippi A&M.

From AlcatrazHistory.com“From the beginning, Kelly was considered a poor student with his highest grade (a C plus) awarded for good physical hygiene. He was constantly in trouble with the faculty and spent much of his academic career attempting to work off the demerits he had earned.”

Grab a fedora and an overdone wise-guy accent and you’re golden.

10. Morgan Freeman

Need we say more?