Mississippi Dems to Donald Trump: 'Leave Mississippi alone.'

Published 1:02 pm Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hinds County Democratic Party Chairperson Jacqueline R. Amos issued a statement today along with the state association of county Democratic chairs regarding President Donald Trump’s expected appearance at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.
Trump is scheduled to arrive in Jackson Saturday, according to CNN, who reported the news yesterday. The museum will open along with the Mississippi Museum of History during the state’s bicentennial weekend.
Amos’ full statement: 
Yesterday, we learned with great dismay that the President will participate in the opening ceremonies of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum this Saturday. As the direct political heirs to the Freedom Democratic Party and in the spirit of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, we call upon all the authorities involved to cancel any appearance and remarks by President Donald Trump immediately. Any reasonable person knows that the presence of such a hugely divisive and polarizing figure will pervert and diminish what could otherwise be a healing and teaching moment for our state. Mr. Trump attained to the highest office in the land by appeals and tactics that do great and lasting violence to our civil rights heritage. His campaign appealed to the very worst demons of the American soul. He is a disgraceful president, a malicious influence, and an abominable human being. He has no place at a celebration of the very values and aspirations his presidency is clearly committed to destroy. Mr. President, leave Mississippi alone. We have had far too much experience with your kind already.

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