Majority of federal civil service employees are operatives of the Democrat party and its liberal policies

Published 9:05 am Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The illicit acts of Washington, D.C. Deep Staters in the FBI and Justice Department have finally been exposed to some sunlight. Their main projects of the last two years, conspiratorial protection of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and their fabricated Russian Collusion/Obstruction witch hunt against Big D, are beginning to unravel.
Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, testified last Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee. With odd mannerisms and gestures, the elfin Deep Stater defended his fellow Deep Stater Special Counsel Bob Mueller, and more or less refused to give responsive answers to the members’ questions about: the pillow talk texts between the FBI’s James Bond-like superagent, Peter Strzok, and his FBI lawyer paramour Lisa Page; FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s involvement in the Fusion GPS dossier; McCabe’s wife Lisa’s acceptance of $700,000 campaign contribution from longtime Clinton enabler Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe; Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr’s meetings with Fusion GPS in the Justice Department and Ohr’s wife’s Nellie working for Fusion GPS during the election; and whether the eight lawyers on Mueller’s staff who contributed to HRC’s campaign were biased against Big D.
Watching Rosenstein inartfully dodge these questions, I wondered: How did the highly unimpressive Rosenstein and these other civil servants or political appointees get into such positions of power?
In trying to get the answer, I discovered some startling statistics. Deep-Staters overwhelmingly support liberal policies and Democrat politicians.
The Hill examined public records to look at political contributions by various federal agency employees in presidential election year 2016. Ninety-nine percent of State Department employee political contributions went to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats; 97 percent of Department of Justice employee contributions went to HRC and the Democrats. Overall, 95 percent of all federal employee political contributions in 2016 went to Democrats.
These numbers were confirmed in a December article by the National Review. Writer David French confirms The Hill’s numbers and points out that 99.7 percent of political contributions from the Department of Education went to Hillary, followed closely by both the Department of Labor and Department of Agriculture, both of which came in at 99.4 percent. The least partisan of the major agencies was Defense, where a measly 84 percent of all political contributions went to Clinton.
The Washington Examiner examined political contributions in the 2012 Obama/Romney election by the 1600 employees of Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s pet agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB). There were 594 total political contributions—593 to Obama and the Democrats, 1 to Romney and Republicans.
Thirty-one percent of federal employees belong to unions, which also make political contributions, almost exclusively to Democrats.
Even for Deep State deniers or apologists, these numbers are staggering.
The federal civil service was established by Congress in 1871. Its original purpose was to limit the “spoils system” by protecting federal employees from partisan politics and from being swept out of their jobs when an administration changed in Washington.
Today, the vast majority of federal civil service employees are operatives of the Democrat party and its liberal policies. No matter how negligent or politically partisan the employee’s conduct is, civil service rules require years of hearings and appeals to get rid of the “civil servant,” which rarely occurs.   
This is upside down. Civil service is now protecting political partisans and Democratic party hacks inside the bureaucracy—the exact opposite of what was intended. It was supposed to protect the employees from political retribution, not enable the employees to be politically active in favor of one party.
Rosenstein testified that the D.O.J. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating and will have a report on the political misdeeds within the D.O.J. and the FBI in a couple of months.  
Maybe that’s good news, but since The Hill’s reporting indicates 97 percent of Justice Department employee political contributions went to Hillary, maybe Big D should hire some former Blackwater special operations guys to investigate instead.
I bet they could “extract” some information from these pencil-necked Deep-Staters.

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