‘I think it’s a slap in my face … to put that flag up’: Councilwoman’s tearful plea moves mayor to furl Mississippi flag

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton ordered this week for the Mississippi state flag to be removed from city police headquarters and replaced by the city’s flag, a decision he reached after listening to a city councilwoman’s impassioned plea.

“The controversy surrounding the current design of the state flag of Mississippi will never go away until it’s changed,” Shelton said during a Tuesday press conference. “Either our generation of leaders will deal with it, or we’ll leave it to our children. I think it’s incumbent on our generation of leaders to take a stand and adopt a flag that’s representative of all the citizens of Mississippi.”

According to the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, the flag had been a cause of “deep concern” for Councilwoman Nettie Davis, who Shelton said inspired him to take action against the flag after she recently opened up to colleagues regarding the flag.

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“I think it’s a slap in my face, and I’m an African-American woman, to put that flag up. It has put a shadow over that police department,” Davis said, according to the Daily Journal. “That flag denotes hate.”

Shelton said he was compelled after seeing Davis moved to tears.

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