11 Essentials You Need to Survive a Mississippi Winter

Published 8:51 pm Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mississippians can handle just about anything, but not all of us are as equipped as we could be to handle the 2-3 days a year we get legitimate winter weather. Here are a few things that’ll make these freezing temps seem like child’s play.

Hand warmers you can throw in your pockets.

Get a 40-pack for less than $30.


Warm gloves you can use with touchscreen devices.

Find them on Amazon.


Keep your home or office from getting too dry from indoor heating with a cool mist humidifier.

Get it for $25.99 on Amazon.


Warm and cozy socks you’ll wear all year long.

Get five pair for around $10.


Step up your hot chocolate game.

Get this retro 32-oz. hot chocolate maker for around $40.

Make your morning shower more bearable with a towel warmer.

This freestanding towel warmer is a steal at around $70.


Reclaim your love for the outdoors with a portable patio heater.


Score this one for less than $100.

Keep your lunch warm with a sleek soup thermos.

Get this one for about $20.

Enjoy a hot toddy or two with a cookbook dedicated to cold-weather cocktails.

Imbibe in warmth for less than $20.

Scrape off your windshield like you know what you’re doing with these heavy-duty ice scrapers.

Get a two-pack for less than $10 each.

No fireplace? No problem.

Warm up any room with the classiest infrared heat you can find. (This model is only around $120)



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