Someone tried to scam a Mississippi guy and failed miserably

Published 11:10 am Thursday, January 18, 2018

Anyone who’s used the internet for longer than 5 minutes has likely been on the receiving end of at least one laughably obvious scam. Maybe it was an email claiming all you need to do to receive a multimillion-dollar inheritance is wire a few hundred bucks to a sketchy address in a foreign country, or a text letting you know you—YES, YOU—won that sweepstakes you totally forget you entered (because you didn’t).

While there are certainly more top-shelf scams out there who manipulate well-meaning victims, some of them are so ridiculous you can’t help laughing at them.

Unless you’re one Mississippian (presumably from the Meridian area given a comical reference to “Meridian International Airport”) whose experience with a scammer in November 2016 as documented on imgur compelled him to have a little fun.

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And it all started with a Facebook message.



Robertson could have ignored it, as many of us inevitably do, but he opted to play along.

The exchange continues, surprisingly without the scammer seeming frustrated—until it’s time to hash out the details.




Read the entire hilarious exchange below.

(WARNING: The following messages are unedited and some are NSFW.)

Scammer regrets messaging Mississippi country boy