This Mississippi Delta town is nearly broke

Published 1:13 pm Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tchula, Mississippi, is a tiny town with big bills and a dwindling amount of money in the bank.

Tchula Mayor General Vann, who took office in 2017, says the town only has about $7,000 despite owing more than $100,000 to the state and the IRS, according to the Greenwood Commonwealth.

Vann’s recommendation is to cut city employees’ hours to 32 a week with most taking pay cuts on top of that, with the exception of police officers.


Tchula is one of the lowest-income towns in the nation, prompting a 2015 story by The Guardian which dove into the town’s history and present-day plight. Back then, Tchula couldn’t afford to keep City Hall open five days a week and paid police officers $10 an hour.