People are taking Mississippi Pot Roast and making it into more sinfully delicious things

Published 10:47 am Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The steadily rising popularity of Mississippi Pot Roast—the ultimate Pinterest-friendly recipe that originated in Ripley and has turned into a supper staple among busy moms nationwide—has given way to plenty of variations when it comes to ingredients, cook time and even how to prepare it.

But the root appeal of Mississippi Pot Roast as a so-simple-anyone-could-do-it meal easily whipped up in the nearest slow cooker (or Instant Pot) has inspired plenty of interesting recipes made from leftovers.

I searched Pinterest and Reddit for some of the best. Tell us about your Mississippi Pot Roast variations in the comments below. 

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Someone’s take on leftover Mississippi pot roast, provolone cheese, sliced cherry peppers, and Goya Mayo-Ketchup

(reddit user /u/crispyporkskin)


This person shredded the roast “and put it on an onion roll covered in cheese whizz for a religious experience.”

(reddit user /u/thedude213)


Blogger Amy Flory took the recipe and replaced the roast with chicken. (Find the recipe here.)



(Over at Recipes That Crock, they’ve got the same idea with Mississippi Chicken Thighs.)



This innovative genius made the roast into tacos. TACOS, PEOPLE.



Some folks have livened up the original recipe by using soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper and are among the most popular) instead of pepper juice. Check out this recipe for Instant Pot Mississippi Coke Roast.

Instant Pot Mississippi Coke Roast (Brandi Burgess, Aunt Bee’s Recipes)



Even the folks at Pillsbury decided to get in on the Mississippi Pot Roast craze by making it into the best pot pie on the planet. (Here’s the recipe.)