Saints quarterback Drew Brews challenges fans to focus blown-call passion for greater good

Published 10:57 am Monday, January 28, 2019

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees just poured his heart out in an emotional letter to fans. And true to form the team leader, he challenged the Who Dat Nation to rise up and pour their passion over the blown call that cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl into their families and communities.

Every Saints fan – nay, every football fan – needs to read Brees’ words as he challenges fans to not let the bad call hold back the community or turn it negative.

“I’ve spent this last week navigating the heartache and disappointment from the game,” Brees wrote on Instagram. “Some things within our control and some outside our control that caused us to fall short.

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“So much of our motivation is to represent the Who Dat Nation with determination and resiliency. We want to play for you, fight for you, and win for you. You deserve that.”

“The longer I play I realize that we truly are one heartbeat with our fans. Our success is your success. Our disappointment is your disappointment.

“Everything that has ever happened to this community, we have bonded together, galvanized and leaped forward every time,” Brees wrote. “The frustration we feel now can be channeled in the same way. Pour that passion and emotion into your families and communities. Inspire others with your focus & determination and positive outlook. This will make us stronger, this will bond us tighter, this will be a source for our success in the future.”

Brees then addressed the specialness of the New Orleans community and, in particular, the diehard Saints fans within it.

“There is no place like New Orleans. There is no community like ours. No fans like the Who Dat Nation. I refuse to let this hold us down. I refuse to let this create any negativity or resentment. I embrace the challenge.”

“So keep your chin up, hold your head high, puff your chest out because WE are the Who Dat Nation and WE will always persevere,” Brees wrote.

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