Report: Mississippians least selfie-obsessed state (congratulations)

Published 7:47 am Saturday, May 4, 2019

Mississippians need to stand up and be proud. We’ve finally made it to the top of a national list — just don’t take a selfie to celebrate or you’ll ruin the moment.

Residents of the Magnolia State are obsessed with many, many important things — fried foods, football, banana pudding, etc. — but they’re not obsessed with taking silly self portraits (particularly not like those crazy self-absorbed Nevada residents).

You see, a new study by a publicity arm of AT&T recently reported Mississippi is the “least selfie-obsessed state” in the U.S. Congratulations (but put that phone back in your pocket and just use your memory to remember this moment of pride.

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Nevada was ranked as the most self-obsessed.

The study, conducted by All Home Connections, apparently used Twitter data to rank states.

The study also showed interesting conclusions:

  • Selfies taken of the left cheek are more well-received than ones from the right cheek.
  • There have been 250 selfie-related deaths since 2011.
  • Sunday was most popular day to share a selfie.

Here’s a link to the full results of the study.