Want to see true American heroes? Watch police officers run into hail of bullets and kill mass murderer 30 seconds after his first shot

Published 3:23 pm Monday, August 5, 2019

As the nation reels from two deadly mass shootings in less than 24 hours — one in El Paso, Texas, and another in Dayton, Ohio – the heroes in law enforcement who responded should not be lost in the discussion.

Make no mistake about it, law enforcement officers put their lives at risk every day when they put on their uniforms and badge and head to work to protect and serve the public.

Last week officers in Southaven, Mississippi, ran toward a man who was shooting at them in a Walmart parking lot. They shot the suspect and arrested him.

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Saturday morning in El Paso, Texas, the same thing played out as a lone shooter begin firing at a crowded shopping center. The current death toll is 22, with many more injured, some badly. Police officers responded and engaged the shooter, who is now behind bars.

The same thing plays out many times each year across America. Such tragic shootings always prompts discussion of gun control, mental health and other issues. But let’s not make the moment political. Instead let’s pray for the victims and say a prayer of thanks for the incredibly brave men and women in law enforcement.

Early Sunday morning, officers in Dayton, Ohio, reacted so quickly — running toward the sound of gunfire — that a man who was aiming to shoot up a nightclub instead was shot and killed just outside the door, less than 30 seconds after his first shot.

That’s an amazing reaction time by the officers. They worked more quickly than any Hollywood created super heroes.

Sadly in the first few seconds of the shooter’s rampage he still managed to kill nine people and wound dozens.

Had those officers paused or hesitated, the carnage likely would have been multiplied significantly.

Here is security footage from a different angle. Watch as the crowd runs away from the gunfire, while officers run towards it.

Six Dayton Police officers were identified by the city as directly engaging the heavily armed shooter. They are:

Sergeant William C. Knight, first sworn in as a Dayton officer on 2/14/97
Officer Brian Rolfes, first sworn 4/8/16
Officer Jeremy Campbell, first sworn 8/5/16
Officer Vincent Carter, first sworn 4/8/16
Officer David Denlinger, first sworn 4/8/16

These men — and thousands like them around the country — are true American heroes and we thank them for their service.