Search teams struggle against swift current to recover vehicle believed to contain three bodies submerged in river

Published 2:06 pm Monday, September 9, 2019

Search and rescue dive teams were working Monday to recover the three victims believed to be inside an SUV that drove into the Mississippi River Sunday morning in Tunica County.

Their efforts are reportedly being made more difficult because swift river currents has reduced visibility significantly, sources on the scene report.

Somewhere under approximately 30 feet of muddy river water, investigators believe is the SUV that was occupied by Symphony Wilson, 29, and two children who belonged to a friend of Wilson’s. The vehicle has been in the river for more than 24 hours.

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Police believe somehow Wilson lost control of the vehicle just after she dropped off a friend at work at nearby Fitz Casino at approximately 10 a.m. Sunday.

Witnesses said the vehicle floated for a short period of time, traveling approximately 75 to 100 yards after first entering the water before it submerged. No one was spotted escaping the vehicle at the time.

Wilson reportedly has five children of her own, all of whom are safe, the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office reported Sunday.

“The currents are mad, you know,” Sheriff Calvin “K.C.” Hamp said Sunday.

The sheriff said a Fitz Casino employee tried to jump in the water to try and rescue the three, but was unable to help.

“He’s the real hero,” the sheriff said. “He dived into the Mississippi River. The currents were so strong it was taking him as well and he had to come out. But he did try. And we thank him for that. A lot of people don’t do that these days, they just take out a camera phone and take a picture.”