Secretary of state’s office gives back $217K to counties from tax-forfeited properties sales

Published 9:53 pm Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Secretary of State’s Office is releasing $216,923.86 to 26 counties, and cities and schools within those counties, reflecting tax-forfeited property sale proceeds from July 1, 2019 – present.

A recent online auction of tax-forfeited properties in Rankin County garnered $27,406.55, representing 740 bids on 289 parcels, with 96 parcels sold. Money raised through the recent sales of tax-forfeited property in Rankin County will be distributed in varying amounts to the cities of Brandon, Pearl, Pelahatchie, and Richland; Rankin County Public Schools; Pearl Public Schools; Rankin County Board of Supervisors; Rankin County Sheriff’s Office; and Rankin County Chancery Clerk’s Office. Since 2015, the Secretary of State’s Office has released over $136,000 to Rankin County, and cities and schools within the county. There are now 250 total parcels remaining in Rankin County as compared to 2015 when there were over 1,000 parcels in the county.

Other counties receiving proceeds from tax-forfeited property sales include:
Adams — $464.66 (1 parcel)
Bolivar — $2,219.11(10 parcels)
Clarke — $757.76 (3 parcels)
Coahoma — $1,402.35 (1 parcel)
DeSoto — $1,109.47 (3 parcels)
Forrest — $7,637.96 (24 parcels)
Franklin — $939.36 (1 parcel)
Hancock — $3,274.66 (10 parcels)
Harrison — $72,623.26 (78 parcels)
Hinds — $64,282.12 (67 parcels)
Holmes — $2,398.07 (2 parcels)
Humphreys — $1,634.86 (2 parcels)
Jackson — $2,882.49 (6 parcels)
Lauderdale — $1,369.60 (2 parcels)
Leflore — $2,811.99 (2 parcels)
Lowndes — $226.98 (1 parcel)
Madison — $285.76 (1 parcel)
Marion — $1,563.72 (2 parcels)
Marshall — $78.64 (1 parcel)
Newton — $535.91 (1 parcel)
Pearl River — $3,628.92 (34 parcels)
Tallahatchie — $211.49 (1 parcel)
Tate — $23.52 (1 parcel)
Warren — $12,140.17 (24 parcels)
Washington — $5,014.48 (8 parcels)

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“These amounts distributed represent 382 parcels, now back in productive use. We are grateful for the partnerships we have with local government officials who help us spread the word about these auctions in an effort to place parcels back on the tax rolls,” stated Secretary Hosemann.

Secretary Hosemann launched online auctions in July 2016 to streamline the purchase of properties forfeited to the State for non-payment of ad valorem taxes. In recent years, successful auctions in Bay St. Louis, Bolivar County, Greenville, Greenwood, Hinds County, Jackson, Jones County, Madison County, McComb, Meridian, Pearl River County, Rankin County, Warren County, Waveland, Yazoo City, and many other communities, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Mississippi schools, municipalities, and counties.

An online auction is currently in progress in Forrest County, with 300 parcels valued at over $1.6 million for sale. Bids will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. CST on Wednesday, October 16. To place a bid, a user is required to register online. Users may view property details such as parcel location and an auction map. Other information, such as auction dates, bid notices, and market values of property are also available online. Successful bidders will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible once bids are placed, and payment of the bid amount must be paid within 5 to 7 days of notification. Buyers are permitted to pay a “Buy It Now” price on any parcel, which allows them to purchase a property immediately instead of waiting until the end of an auction.

To view other tax-forfeited properties available for purchase, visit the Secretary of State’s tax-forfeited land search at or call the Public Lands Division at (601) 359-5156.