Alabama town puts limit on number of mourners allowed in funeral processions

Published 12:06 pm Monday, October 21, 2019

An Alabama city has put a limit to the number of vehicles allowed in funeral processions to avoid “large and dangerous” processions.

Traditionally, law enforcement agencies have provided traffic assistance to funeral processions to allow grieving families easy passage to and from services.

But Decatur, Alabama, police have issued a 15-vehicle limit for processions, the Decatur Daily newspaper reports.

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Police Chief Nate Allen said the limit is in addition to a hearse, a funeral home vehicle and one for the deceased person’s family.

Large processions, the police say, have become dangerous because they overwhelm the police’s ability to help. Some towns nearby, the police reported, have banned processions altogether.

In Mississippi, the City of Jackson stopped offering funeral escorts several years ago and the City of Gulfport put a limit of no more than five cars several years ago.