A serial killer murdered this Mississippi woman 27 years ago, but no one knows who she is; do you?

Published 6:33 am Wednesday, December 18, 2019

“Do you recognize me,” pleads a sketch of young black woman believed to be killed by confessed serial killer Samuel Little. Her mouth is drawn into a frown, her dark hair either short or pinned up in a hand-drawn sketch Little provided to law enforcement.

Little began confessing to killings last year and has so far admitted to killing at least 93 people across the United States between 1970 and 2005.

Five of those killings were of women he picked up near Gulfport, Mississippi, according to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office. Only three of the victims have been identified so far, and related arrest warrants have been issued.

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The sheriff’s office shared the sketch Monday and asked for the public’s help in identifying the woman, believed to have been in her early to mid-20s before she disappeared prior to December 1992.

“My body was placed outdoors in a grassy area somewhere in Gulfport,” the sketch reads.

The FBI considers Little to be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, and he’s recounted his crimes in near-photographic detail, something that prompted him to create dozens of color portraits of the women he strangled.

He preyed on women he didn’t think would be missed; many of them were black, like Little himself, and many of their deaths were originally attributed to drugs or accidental or undetermined causes. Some bodies were never found. Authorities have said the former boxer would knock the women out with a punch and then strangle them. He would then dump their bodies and leave town.