Couple makes lemonade from coronavirus lemons, donates wedding flowers to nursing home

Published 7:34 am Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lanie and Brittany Kovacevich were supposed to walk down the wedding aisle last weekend.

After over two years of dating and planning, it was supposed to be a big, beautiful day filled with family and friends.

With coronavirus outbreaks spreading across the United States, they knew that it wouldn’t be the same without all of their loved ones. Like thousands of other couples around the country, they made a difficult decision.

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“We felt like it wasn’t fair not to celebrate with all of our people,” Brittany said. “So we decided to postpone.”

The two decided to not let the COVID-19 pandemic completely hijack their day. On Sunday, the two had an intimate ceremony on a pier in Slidell. Their officiant met them and performed the ceremony and signed the couple’s paperwork.

Afterward, they got to-go burgers at The Dock and took photos of their wedding license with a couple of Corona beers with lime.

“We didn’t want COVID-19 to steal our date and everything with our license was already in motion, so Brittany and I decided to keep our date and make it legal,” Lanie posted on Facebook on Sunday. “We WILL reschedule and have a full ceremony and reception to celebrate with our family and friends.”

“We’re all the emotions right now,” Brittany said. “It was frustrating and disappointing, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the fact that we’re married.”

Even though their wedding plans changed, their plans to spread a little joy after their wedding didn’t.

The Kovaceviches had already planned to do something special with their flowers afterward. While planning, they saw on social media where people would give flowers or letters to the elderly in nursing homes to brighten their day.

With the coronavirus being especially dangerous to older adults, many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers have gone on lockdown with no visitors allowed.

Lanie’s grandmother, Barbara Fillingame, was in a nursing home after a stroke. She was very close to her and helped take care of her every day.

“I went to see her every day. If she couldn’t see us she would have been devastated.”Lanie said.

Since the couple couldn’t use the flowers they had ordered, they wanted the flowers to bring some joy to those at the Dixie White House Health and Rehabilitation Center.

“I hope this would be something to make them smile,” Brittany said.

Since the center was on lockdown, the two walked up to the back door carrying a large five-gallon bucket of flowers. A worker met them at the door with a smile and a thank you.

“Thank you!” another person called from inside the building.

“I hope it brings a little joy to their lives,” Brittany said.

Although the weekend wasn’t everything that the couple planned before the outbreak, they say they’re happy to have each other.

“I’ve always dreamed of my wedding since I was a little girl,” Brittney said. “I always pictured this big, beautiful day, but she (Lanie) kept reminding me that all that matters is that we’re married at the end of this.”

“Just let it be, let it be and be married.”