Cornbread, french toast and chocolate chip cookies: What recipes were Mississippians (and the rest of the country) searching for during the COVID-19 crisis?

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Since the COVID-19 crisis started, many Americans have been reaching for their virtual recipe box to figure out what cooking for dinner each night.

While Mississippians were trying to create the perfect skillet of cornbread, other residents across the country were looking to make margaritas, a pan of cinnamon rolls or — if you are in Utah — the perfect crepe.

Google Trends reports search traffic for recipes has reached an all-time high, which is not all that surprising for those who have been stuck in the house cooking, baking and desperately seeking new recipes to make with whatever pantry supplies are available.

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But what have Mississippians been cooking during the COVID-19 crisis?

Google Trends reports the most popular recipes in Mississippi for the past 30 days.

In the last month, Mississippi residents have evidently been craving comfort food, with cornbread, meatloaf and other comforting dishes topping off the list.

Soul-satisfying dishes from neighboring Louisiana, like red beans and rice and gumbo also made the list.

And don’t forget breakfast for dinner. French toast and pancakes were not far behind

Here are the top results for the past month: (Search results as reported by Google Trends)

  1. cornbread
  2. meatloaf
  3. red beans and rice
  4. fried rice
  5. french toast
  6. pancakes
  7. margarita
  8. lasagna
  9. gumbo
  10. chicken salad
  11. chocolate chip cookies
  12. pizza dough
  13. sugar cookies
  14. apple pie

The rest of the country searched for similar dishes. Here is a look at the top recipes searches for the rest of the country:

Alabama – chicken salad recipe
Alaska – cinnamon rolls recipe
Arizona – lemonade recipe
Arkansas – hamburger meat recipe
California – snickerdoodle recipe
Colorado – egg salad recipe
Connecticut – salmon recipe
Delaware – salmon recipe
Washington, DC – margarita recipe
Florida – zucchini recipe
Georgia – baked chicken recipe
Hawaii – shoyu chicken recipe
Idaho – cinnamon rolls recipe
Illinois – pork tenderloin recipe
Indiana – hamburger recipe
Iowa – hamburger recipe
Kansas – hamburger recipe
Kentucky – hamburger recipe
Louisiana – crawfish etouffee recipe
Maine – bread recipe
Maryland – salmon recipe
Massachusetts – bread recipe
Michigan – hamburger recipe
Minnesota – bread recipe
Missouri – hamburger recipe
Montana – cinnamon rolls recipe
Nebraska – hamburger recipe
Nevada – pork loin recipe
New Hampshire – bread recipe
New Jersey – salmon recipe
New Mexico – tortilla recipe
New York – charoset recipe
North Carolina – pound cake recipe
North Dakota – sloppy joe recipe
Ohio – hamburger recipe
Oklahoma – hamburger meat recipe
Oregon – cinnamon rolls recipe
Pennsylvania – egg salad recipe
Rhode Island – chicken parm recipe
South Carolina – pound cake recipe
South Dakota – bread recipe
Tennessee – baked chicken recipe
Texas – hamburger meat recipe
Utah – crêpes recipe
Vermont – pancake recipe
Virginia – banana pudding recipe
Washington – sourdough bread recipe
West Virginia – hamburger recipe
Wisconsin – ham recipe
Wyoming – sourdough recipe