Bloody man clings to tractor-trailer hood for 9 miles on Florida highway

Published 2:31 pm Sunday, August 2, 2020

A video posted on social media showed a strange incident on a Florida highway when a man who appeared disoriented climbed onto the hood of a tractor-trailer truck and began trying to smash the truck’s windshield.

The incident started Saturday afternoon when Florida Highway Patrol officers first received a call about the disoriented man who abandoned his car near Boynton Beach.

After abandoning the car, the man reportedly jumped over a barrier and onto the highway.

The man flagged down a truck driver who was concerned when seeing the man was covered with blood. The man then jumped onto the hood of the big rig.

The truck’s driver accelerated to try and shake the man off, but he held tight for approximately 9 miles.

Police eventually were able to pull the truck over and detained the man, who was taken to a hospital for evaluation.