Lawmakers to discuss year-round schooling for Mississippi public school students

Published 8:58 am Monday, November 9, 2020

State lawmakers plan to discuss whether public school students should attend class all year long.

The Mississippi Senate Committee will discuss the idea during a hearing today.

Unlike the traditional school year, which includes a large break in the summer, the year-round calendar would split the longer vacation time into more frequent breaks throughout the year. With a year-round calendar a summer break would be slightly shorter than the traditional school year.

Mississippi’s Department of Education and the superintendent at Corinth High School, which has used a year-round calendar, will be presenting information about year-long schooling to lawmakers, WLBT news reports.

The Gulfport School District plans to implement year-round schooling in 2021.

Some educators say year-round schooling keeps the learning process going with minimal disruption.