State lawmaker urges Gov. Reeves to enact statewide mask order

Published 8:00 am Sunday, November 22, 2020

State Rep. Jeramey Anderson urged Gov. Tate Reeves to enact a statewide mask order after nearly 2,000 coronavirus cases were reported on Saturday.

Anderson tagged Gov. Reeves in a tweet urging him to close bars, clubs, indoor dining restaurants, and sporting events. He says hundreds of Mississippians could die if action is not taken.

Former State Rep. Robert Foster responded to Anderson’s post saying the decision to wear a mask should be left up to Mississippians. He also says the fear about the coronavirus is ‘irrational’ because it has a ’99.97% survival rate.’

“Or, we could let Mississippians make their own decisions about what risks they feel comfortable making. I would agree about being in a crisis, an Economic and Liberty crisis, because of people spreading irrational fear over a virus with around a 99.97% survival rate,” Foster posted.

Gov. Reeves first enforced a statewide mask mandate on August 4. The mandate remained in effect until the governor lifted it on Sept. 30.