Mississippi woman troubled by son’s new modeling clay that looked like human brain

Published 3:35 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Mississippi woman says she called police after her 3-year-old son opened a can of off-brand play dough and found what resembled a human brain.

Courtney Seals posted photos of the substance on social media, and reported the modeling dough was purchased at a store in Corinth.

“This is not kiddy dough. It appears to be a brain or some sort of organ, possibly even body parts,” Seals wrote on Dec. 13.

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The post has been shared hundreds of times and has been updated to report Seals was visited by police. After examining the object, officials determined it too soft and squishy to be a brain or other body part.

“After the coroner examined the stuff, he determined that it is not a brain or any other bodily part. He squished around in it, it flattened out to mush. This was just a bad batch or possibly the beginning or end of a batch and something went wrong with the formula, Seals wrote. “I looked all over the web before even posting this to begin with and found nothing even remotely similar so I was scared! But it’s nothing to be concerned about.”

Seals apologized to the police and to Facebook followers for causing alarm. However, reaction on social media continues to support her for being concerned. More than 200 people have commented on the post, many agreeing it looks like a brain. A few even suggested Seals seek a second opinion.