Leader of Mississippi Patriot Party: Congress declared war on American people on Jan. 6

Published 7:10 am Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The leader of a local conservative group called the Patriot Party of Mississippi said that he believes Congress declared war on the American people when it voted to accept the election results of the 2020 presidential election.

John Williams joined close to 75 people outside the Desoto County Courthouse in an organized rally Sunday, according to the Desoto County Times. 

Williams said the federal government became tyrannical after the events of Jan. 6.

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Williams and other members from the group of conservatives said they attended the Jan. 6 protest in Washington, D.C. Williams detailed the group’s experience in Washington and why he and other party members support efforts to overturn the election.

During Sunday’s rally, Williams railed against establishment Republicans and discussed several conspiracy theories related to the presidential election and the deadly Capitol riot.

Williams said that none of the group from North Mississippi participated in the riot that occurred shortly after President Trump’s speech at his “Save America” rally at the National Mall.

Williams said party members never crossed barricades set up by Capitol police and dispersed after tear gas was deployed in their area.

Before the violence at the Capitol began, around half of William’s group met with two of Mississippi’s Republican congressmen, Reps. Trent Kelly and Michael Guest.

During the rally, some of the group’s members said they believed the rioters who entered the Capitol were not Trump supporters and were infiltrated with members of the radical left group Antifa posing as Trump supporters.

Since the riot, federal officials have identified and arrested a number of Trump supporters photographed and videoed inside the U.S. Capitol building. The FBI has not found any evidence that Antifa or other left-wing groups participated in the riots.

Williams said what happened on Jan. 6 was a coordinated effort to give a black eye to Trump supporters. Williams maintains Trump supporters remained peaceful.

At least five people — including a U.S. Capitol police officer — have died as a result of the riot. One woman died after being shot by Capitol police, and others died after experiencing medical emergencies during the events. The breach marked the first time that the Capitol has been under siege since the War of 1812.