Gov. Reeves on social media: I am not impressed by President Biden’s vaccination goals for nation

Published 6:20 am Friday, January 22, 2021

Even as the state struggles to meet it own demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has taken to Twitter to criticize President Joe Biden’s new plan for 100 million doses of the vaccine in 100 days.

“President Biden says his goal is 100 million vaccinations in 100 days. It’s a great political slogan. Some in the national press have called it “bold” and “ambitious.” But is it either??” Reeves posted.

The governor went on to look at the numbers and suggest the state is already beating Biden’s target of about 9,000 shots per day for the state and said the nation can do better than Biden’s plan.

“Mississippi can do way better than 9,000 per day. And America can do way better than 100 million vaccines in 100 days. If President Biden doesn’t ditch that low number, it’s a disservice to his own stated goal—and more importantly the people of this country,” Reeves posted. “We would have to slow down considerably now to match that pace! In fact, we would have to average 40% less than today’s rate. Why not aim high? Let’s move fast, eliminate obstacles, and put this virus in the rearview mirror! I believe we can do it!”

Reeve’s post received likes and retweets from followers allowing with criticism.

Many responses questioned Reeve’s political motives.

“Tate Reeves I thought you were better than this, but it appears that any ideal that is if his predecesor will never suffice. One day I pray MS can move past the same old politics and open their mind to acceptance as many MIssissipians has dealt with for centuries,” one person posted.

Other pointed to the current data from the Mississippi State Department of Health about the virus and questioned how Reeves could be critical when the state was not meeting its own obligation to citizens.