Video: Gender reveal for Mississippi couple creates explosive buzz on social media

Published 2:59 pm Monday, February 22, 2021

A Mississippi couple’s gender reveal was not just the talk of the family it was the talk of the town Sunday.

Questions began pouring in on social media group sites throughout Vicksburg, not asking if the Joshua and Meagan Floyd’s were having a boy or a girl, but curious about a loud “boom” that reverberated through much of south Warren County.

Some suspected a transformer had blown, while others posted comments just to follow along in the conversation. But it was not a transformer, rather four pounds of Tannerite exploding throwing off a huge cloud of blue powder. “It’s blue,” family members can be heard saying on the video as blue powder towered through the air.

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The couple, who live in Natchez, celebrated their gender reveal with family at their cousin’s home in the Singing Hills area off of U.S. 61 South.

Joshua said his cousin had informed the neighbors there would be a loud noise when the explosive went off, but none of the family had any idea how far the sound would travel.

“We did the same thing for our first kid,” Joshua said, however during the first reveal the couple did not use as much explosive. “We had used two pounds of Tannerite and two pounds of chalk,” he said, and the outcome was not as thrilling as they had hoped.

The couple’s first child, Ciara Jane, is one.

“It was just a little puff and that was it. So this year I bought four pounds of Tannerite and 10 pounds of chalk and it made quite the boom and chalk went up 30 feet in the air. The tree is going to be forever blue,” Joshua laughed.

Tannerite is a high-velocity pressure explosive used in firearms and target training.

“It’s not sparked based, it’s a velocity-based explosive and you use a rifle to set it off. They actually have small targets that are already pre-mixed and filled,” he said. “You just hang them and blow them up. It’s really fun. It’s just a Redneck’s play toy.”

He said the family was excited about the upcoming birth of James Dalton, who is expected to arrive in June.