Three seriously injured in wreck with horse; sheriff warns residents to take care of loose livestock or he will

Published 6:15 am Tuesday, April 27, 2021

After three people were seriously injured in a weekend vehicle wreck with a horse, one Mississippi sheriff is telling residents to take care of their animals or they will have to pay him for taking care of the animals for them.

Jefferson County Sheriff James Bailey Sr. told residents vi social media that owners will have to pay if his office calls someone to capture any loose livestock on the county roads.

“If we are getting multiple calls about livestock on the roads and highways in Jefferson County,MS we are going to call a Cowboy to capture the animal. Once the Cowboy catches the horses, cows, etc…the owner will be responsible for paying the Cowboy to get their livestock back,” Bailey wrote.

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In the post, Bailey said three people were injured on Highway 28 Saturday when their vehicle hit a horse that was “running loose.”