Police say they can find no definitive link between accused Mississippi kidnapper and victim

Published 9:29 pm Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten confirmed his agency and others in the area are combing through cases to determine if the accused kidnapper and attempted murder suspect arrested Saturday is connected to any other crimes in the area.

Brandon Christopher “Chris” Bamburg, 37, of Ferriday, was arrested Saturday after the Adams County Sheriff’s Office widely circulated a video of a truck they think was driven by the suspect in the Friday evening kidnapping and attempted murder of a Natchez woman in the Montebello neighborhood.

Bamburg is accused of taking a Natchez woman who was out jogging in the area and violently beating her with a pistol while trying to drag her into his truck. The woman fought back and is said to have bitten Bamburg so hard that he let her go.

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Bamburg drove himself to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday afternoon, which is where Sheriff Travis Patten arrested him.

“As of right now, agencies in the surrounding areas are going back through cases,” Patten said. “We are also going back to see if he is connected to anything else. The only way we will know is either the victim recognizes his face or by DNA. And DNA takes time. Yes, it is being looked into, but no, we cannot say that he has done anything like this before.”

Patten said the investigation into the Friday kidnapping is ongoing, but investigators have not determined a connection between Bamburg and the victim.

“That’s still being investigated right now. We do not have a clear and confirmed connection between the victim and the suspect. We know the spouses of each worked at the hospital and that both have sons of similar ages who play baseball, but we have no confirmed connection. We don’t know how he is connected to the victim or even whether he is connected to the victim at this time. We don’t know if this was random or premeditated.”

Patten said Bamburg has been assigned a public defender and is not talking with investigators.

“He gave an interview with us and he did confess some things, but then he shut down,” Patten said.

His next court appearance will be a preliminary hearing, during which Bamburg will be expected to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

“We will all know more in a week whether he is going to hire a private attorney. I would expect in a case like this that his attorney will ask for a mental evaluation,” Patten said.

He said Bamburg has not posted bail and remains in the Adams County Jail. He has no visitors, but Patten said the jail has not allowed visitors since Bamburg was arrested.