Argument over 22 cents in self-checkout ends in shooting in Mississippi parking lot. One woman shot, two officers injured in incident.

Published 6:04 am Sunday, July 4, 2021

Police say an argument over 22 cents inside a Mississippi store ended with a shootout in the parking lot, where one woman was shot and two officers were injured while taking a suspect into custody.

Officers with the Natchez Police Department, Adams County Sheriffs Office and Mississippi Highway Patrol responded to a shooting at Walmart Saturday night.

One woman was shot multiple times and taken to the hospital and two officers sustained injuries in the detention of a suspect. Natchez Police Chief Joseph Daughtry thanked the ACSO and MHP for their help.

Daughtry said allegedly, an altercation took place between two individuals in the self-checkout line over the machine not giving 22 cents in change back. A gentleman in line offered to give the other man change but the man got irate and started cursing.

In the parking lot, the gentleman went to get a quarter from his car to give it to the man, he said. Then the altercation escalated into a shooting injuring a woman who was with one of the men. Two officers were injured while bringing a suspect into custody. An officer was treated on scene and the other officer was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury.

The man kicked several officers and he is being charged with aggravated assault as well as other charges, Daughtry said.

“On a holiday weekend, for individuals to get that irate over change,” Daughtry said, “We have families, seniors getting last-minute items for a holiday. We have to come up with better solutions for situations.”