Police: Two boys riding 4-wheeler through Mississippi neighborhood allegedly shoot girl with BB pistol

Published 6:44 am Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Two male juveniles who reportedly shot a female juvenile with a BB pistol while riding a 4-wheeler in a Mississippi neighborhood have been taken into custody, according to police.

Officers with the Brandon Police Department responded to a post on social media about the incident. The post included a photo from a home surveillance video of the juveniles.


At 3:50 p.m. the Brandon Police Department received its first 911 call regarding the matter.

Multiple units were dispatched to the area to search for the two juveniles on the 4-wheeler and check on the juvenile that had been shot with the BB pistol. Responding units determined that the little girl who was shot with the BB had a minor injury that required no immediate medical attention.

“Both suspects have been identified and are currently in the custody of the Brandon Police Department,” officials posted on Facebook. “The 4-wheeler has also been located.”

Both suspects will be charged with Simple Assault/Bodily Injury and referred to the Rankin County Youth Court for prosecution.

The Brandon Police Department does not publicly release the names of juvenile victims or suspects.

BPD officials asked the public to call 911 or the local police department to report crime, instead of posting on social media.

“Due to the incident first being posted to Facebook and the police not being notified until twenty minutes afterward, our response time was slowed and the suspects were possibly warned that police were responding.,” Facebook posts said. “We would ask the public to please call 911 or your local police department non-emergency line to report a crime, and not post evidence to social media until your local law enforcement agency has had an opportunity to see it first.”