Dr. Dobbs says he’s receiving threatening phone calls about his family; Mississippi’s top doc clears air on conspiracy vs. truth

Published 4:47 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Mississippi’s top public health doctor said he’s been receiving threatening phone calls from people spreading conspiracy theories about him and his family.

Mississippi State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs wrote about the threats on social media Tuesday afternoon.

“I have received some threatening phone calls and want to clarify any confusion there may be with some conspiracy theories going around,” he wrote.

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Dobbs then outlined the conspiracy theories he’s heard and the facts:

– My son works for Dr Fauci in D.C.
– My son’s wife has financial connections with the World Bank Group (WBG).
– Every time I promote COVID vaccinations – my son gets a World Bank-funded kickback.
Imaginative, no doubt. But ALL LIES.

– My son is an MD and MPH student in the DC area
– His wife is an MBA student and worked at the WBG before grad school.
– They are completing their studies through their own personal finances. There are no WBG funds involved. I AM VERY PROUD OF THEM BOTH
– I get zero $ from promoting vaccination.

“Stay informed and keep yourself and your loved ones safe by getting the vaccine!” Dobb said.

Dobbs has been subject to a number of pandemic skeptics who have called for Dobbs’ job over what they view as failures of his role.

Many of the state’s top doctors and health care leaders have come to Dobbs defense and praised him for his work.

Twitter users were also quick to defend Dobbs.

@ijustbtweeting wrote: “Good grief. It’s all coming from the crowd that’s taking cow pills.”

@maddox_barry wrote: “I appreciate everything you’re doing to try to save the health and well being of Mississippians. I can’t imagine someone with your education dealing with idiots with patience and grace like you are.”

@gray38603 wrote: “Thanks for all you do. Would you consider running for Governor? We need responsibility in the statehouse.”