‘Things are getting a little weird’ police say after finding goat, dog and Toyota truck at abandoned bank

Published 1:51 pm Sunday, August 29, 2021

A Mississippi police department found an unusual scene at an abandoned bank — a Toyota truck, a stray dog and an abandoned goat all seeking shelter from Hurricane Ida.

Moss Point, Mississippi, police shared a photo of the scene to social media in hopes of finding the owners.

“Things are getting a little weird!” the police wrote. “If you relocated your goat to the abandoned bank on Kreole Avenue for safe shelter, please come back for it. If you are the owner of a grey Nissan Titan at same location, goat is eating your bumper. Please come move your vehicle. Anyone with information about goat owner, please call the station!”

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Police officers later provided an update that the goat had been rescued, but that the dog ran away before they could catch it.