Deputies forced to arrest, Tase ‘agitated’ man who created disturbance at Mississippi jail

Published 7:19 am Friday, September 3, 2021

Deputies were forced to Tase and arrest an unruly man who created a disturbance at a Mississippi county jail Thursday.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in a news release reported that Christopher Thomas, 47, has been charged with simple assault on an officer (a felony) and disorderly conduct after he walked into the lobby of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, acting strangely and belligerent

When a uniformed deputy in the lobby tried to help , Thomas became more agitated.

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During the incident another ┬ádeputy contacted Thomas’ family and arranged for a family member to come and pick him up.

Before family could arrive, Thomas began to block the lobby door and refused to move away when instructed.

Thomas was told by deputies to go outside and wait on his family member.

As he started toward the door, Thomas turned toward the deputies and charged at then with a clenched fist.
One deputy deployed his Taser. Thomas fell to the ground, but quickly got up and tackled a deputy to the ground. Two other deputies arrived and assisted in arresting Thomas.

Officials say the suspect was possibly under the influence of cocaine and methamphetamine.