Mississippi alderman to start online fundraising for unvaxxed city employees forced to pay new insurance fee

Published 6:33 am Thursday, September 16, 2021

One week after the leaders of a Mississippi city approved new vaccination policies for city employees, one of the city’s aldermen has decided to raise money to help pay for the additional insurance fees that will be charged to unvaccinated workers.

Last week the board of aldermen for the city of Starkville voted to require unvaccinated workers to use their sick leave if they test positive for the coronavirus. An additional insurance fee will also be charged to unvaccinated city workers.

Alderman Ben Carver says he is starting a GoFundMe account to pay for the extra insurance fee because he doesn’t think workers who refuse the vaccine should have to pay the extra fee.

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Carver said the $75 a month fee can be cumbersome, particularly for municipal and county employees who do not make as much as private sector employees.

Carver said he is still ironing out the details for how the money will be distributed and with the requirements for complying with state law.

Carver told WCBI News in Columbus that he encourages businesses to remain anonymous if they decide to donate to the GoFundMe. The start-off goal is $25,000.

Carver said he believes that people don’t need the government or anybody telling them what to do. Many people need to have the  opportunity to see the data about the vaccine before they’re forced to take a shot, Carver said.

Carver said if his goal of $25,000 is exceeded, he will raise the goal.

The actual GoFundMe has not been activated and is expected to be set up in the next couple of days.