Stealing taken to a whole new level: Thieves make away with Mississippi ER doctor’s home.

Published 7:15 am Thursday, December 2, 2021

An increase in property crimes reached another level over the weekend when a Mississippi doctor had his home stolen.

Dr. Tarence Wade, who has been an emergency room physician at Panola Medical Center for the past 10 years, reported the theft Monday morning when he returned to Batesville after spending the weekend in Oxford.

Dr. Wade has lived in his RV for almost two years, and rents a space behind the Civic Center where his “home away from home” stays parked. About twice a year the Civic Center hosts events that require all of the available hookups, and during those weekends he moves his RV to another part of the Civic Center property to accommodate the influx of travelers.

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This past weekend was one of the times when Dr. Wade was asked to give up his regular spot because the O’Reilly Indoor Kart Championship series had a racing event, with hundreds of families and teams coming to Batesville.

“I don’t mind it a couple of times a year because it’s great to see all the people visiting Batesville,” Dr. Wade said. “All the Batesville hotels were filled so I stayed the weekend in Oxford. I never thought when I came back Monday my house would be gone.”

Dr. Wade, who has practiced all over Mississippi, owns a home in Atlanta but considers Batesville his home because he works more than two weeks a month at the hospital.

“I look at Panola County as my home, and if it’s left up to me this is where I plan to retire,” he said. “I love my RV home at the Civic Center and I’m just three minutes from the hospital. It couldn’t be better for me, except when someone decides to hook up to my house and drive away.”

Although very concerned about his loss, Dr. Wade was able to laugh some at his predicament, and said the RV theft hasn’t jaded his fondness for Batesville.

“Actually I’m glad they got my RV and not another one if it had to happen,” he said. “One of my neighbors is an elderly lady and her RV is her only home. I’m glad she didn’t come back Monday and find her home had been stolen. Mine can be replaced.”

The stolen RV is a 40-foot 2020 Mallard model valued at more than $50,000. Dr. Wade had designed his interior to include a small office and an exercise area. “It was perfect for me and had everything I needed, but I just never thought that someone might steal the whole RV.”

Dr. Wade said he left the RV in the north parking lot with locks in place. “I thought I was prepared for anything, but I guess not. The next time someone tries to steal my RV it will have cloaking devices and all the security I can think of.”

Batesville Police Department investigators are working the theft case, but haven’t released any information. The city’s camera system installed earlier this year will be helpful as the perpetrators passed by at least two mounted cameras no matter what route they chose to leave the city.