Tupelo Police issue timeline of events in connection with in-custody death of man who was reportedly trashing Mississippi motel room

Published 10:39 am Tuesday, December 7, 2021

On Monday, the Tupelo Police Department issued a press release with a timeline of events regarding the death of a suspect who was in the custody of police.

At approximately 7 p.m. Saturday, police were dispatched to the Motel 6 in regards to a male subject damaging a room.

During that interaction with police officers, the adult male subject became unresponsive. Immediate medical aid was given by officers and arriving medics. The male was transported to the hospital emergency room. where he later was pronounced deceased.

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“TPD conducts detailed investigations of these type incidents. We are still in the early stages of this investigation and our understanding of the incident may change as additional evidence is collected, analyzed and reviewed. We do not draw final conclusions until all the facts are known and our investigation is complete,” the press release said. “We invite anyone with additional information to contact TPD at 662-841-6491. Below are events as we currently understand them. All times are approximate and based on Body Worn Camera footage.”

  • 07:41:00 pm: Upon initial arrival first officer observed the Motel manager attempting to open a room door and a male subject could be seen through the window lying on floor blocking the door.
  • 07:46:00 pm: Back up officer arrived on scene.
  • 07:47:40 pm: Motel Manager gives permission to breach door.
  • 07:48:09 pm: Entry was made into the room and the male was detained after a short struggle where subject kicked at officers and was held prone on his stomach by officers as they attempted to pull his hands behind his back for handcuffing.
  • 07:49:26 pm: Handcuffing behind back complete.
  • 07:50:09 pm: Officers attempted to place subject in patrol car.
  • 07:51:54 pm: Subject will not cooperate so he is placed on ground in sitting position leaning on patrol car and medics are called.
  • 07:52:57 pm: Subject has calmed down and officers again try to place him in the patrol car.
  • 07:53:20 pm: Officers finish placing subject in patrol car lying on his back across seat.
  • 07:57:08 pm: Officers ask E911 for medics estimated time of arrival.
  • 07:57:15 pm: E911 advised officers that their request was in the “que” but that no medics were in route yet.
  • 07:58:30 pm: Offices have noticed subject has lost consciousness and radio E911 to “step up” response and that there is a possible overdose.
  • 07:59:08 pm: Officers remove subject from vehicle and place him flat on ground on his back.
  • 07:59:43 pm: Officers administer first dose of Narcan.
  • 08:00:00 pm: Officers began chest compressions.
  • 08:03:20 pm: Officers apply Automatic External Defibrillator to subject and continue chest compressions as directed.
  • 08:06:23 pm: Tupelo Fire Department arrives and begins first aid.
  • 08:07:51 pm: Tupelo Fire Department administers the second dose of Narcan.
  • 08:10:38 pm: EMS arrives and subject is placed on gurney for transport to ER.

“At approximately 08:50 pm Tupelo Officers followed up on subjects’ condition with NMMC ER and emergency care was still being given. At approximately 10:00 pm TPD was advised that the subject had died.”

Officials with the Tupelo Police Department have asked the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) be contacted to review the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident.

“We will be cooperating with MBI in their investigation as we conduct our own internal review,” the press release said.

“I have great confidence in the actions of our officers as well as deep respect for the trust that our community puts in our department. Immediately upon learning of this incident I asked that an outside agency review the situation. It is my hope that the release of this information and time line will help the community understand the events as we understand them at this time. The tragedy of this incident is not lost on any us and I extend my condolences to the family and friends of the man who died” said Police Chief Jackie Clayton