Two people severely injured after part of building collapses on Mississippi small town drug store

Published 6:47 am Friday, February 18, 2022

Two people were sent to the hospital with severe injuries after the remains of a partially demolished building reportedly collapsed on a neighboring building where the people were working.

According to news reports, the partial roof collapse of the Macon City Drug store occurred shortly before 5 pm Thursday when part of a remaining wall from the buildings on the south side of the store collapsed.

Officials say two structures next to the drugstore had recently been in the process of being demolished. On Feb. 14, parts of the buildings — the Klaus Bldg and the old B&O Drugs building — collapsed, sending brick and debris into the street, according to news reports in social media. During that initial collapse, no injuries were reported.

Witnesses inside the building say the whole wall of the building started to shake before it collapsed Thurdsay. Some employees of the drugstore were able to escape.

The conditions of the two victims taken to the hospital are unknown.

The incident remains under investigation.