‘When you get off this field, I am going to slap the **** out of you.’ Mississippi umpire tells her side of story after being punched by mother after game.

Published 11:36 am Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The woman who was punched by a fan after umpiring a 12-year-old girls softball game gave an exclusive interview to describe the events that lead to her being assaulted.

Kristi Moore discussed the events with Travel Ball Select on Facebook Tuesday and say she believes her assailant deserves to be charged with something more severe than simple assault.

Moore said she was filling in after one of the regularly scheduled umpires called in sick. She said she currently works for the local softball organization and does not normally call games, but does so when an umpire calls in sick. With 10 years of experience umpiring games, calling ballgames is something with which Moore said she was comfortable doing.

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Moore said one group of parents in the stands had become unruly and was shouting profanities during the game. One parent had already been removed from the game when, Moore said, another parent started screaming when the mother disagreed about a call Moore made at second base.

“She was screaming from the stands,” Moore said.

Moore said the woman was calling her all sorts of names with language that was inappropriate in public and around the young players and fans.

“I said,  ‘M’am you are going to have to leave. We cannot have that kind of language and you threatening me in front of the children. This is not appropriate, and you are going to have to go.'”

Moore said the woman refused to leave. At that point, Moore turned to the coach and said the game would not continue and would end up being a forfeit if the parent remained. The woman left at the urging of the coach, but not without some last words, Moore said.

“She went to leave and turned around,” Moore said about the parent. “And she said, ‘When you get off this field, I am going to slap the f out of you.'”

The game continued, Moore said, and she was under the assumption that the parent had left the area. After two more innings, the game ended and Moore said she left the field and turned around and was met by the woman.

“I wasn’t three steps off the field. I just exited the gate and she was there. And she said, ‘What do have to say to me now b***?” and she punched me,” Moore said.

Moore said she was immediately surrounded by people to help. After the woman fled, officials took a picture of her license plate and the woman — later identified as Kiara Thomas — was located and arrested.

According to news reports, Thomas was arrested and charged with simple assault, fined $422.25 and released after being arrested by Laurel police less than 20 minutes after the report.

Moore did not seek an ambulance but did go to the hospital to be checked out after experiencing lingering pain in her ear, she said.

Moore said she had CAT scan at the hospital. Nothing was broken and Moore did not receive a concussion.

“My eardrum is bruised, but it did not rupture,” Moore said.

In the interview, Moore said she hopes she can present her case to a judge and have the charges changed from simple assault to something more severe.

“In my opinion this was premeditated,” Moore said. “She verbally threatened me and then she hid for an inning and a half to two innings of a ballgame and waited for me to come out and then physically assaulted me.”

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