Deputies honored for helping save life of juvenile accidentally shot in neck by another juvenile

Published 5:40 am Monday, May 16, 2022

Three deputies received the Life-Saving Award for their heroics last week when a juvenile had been shot in the neck, apparently by accident, by another juvenile.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday, May 4, at Sycamore subdivision in Ridgecrest, a community just west of Natchez, Mississippi, in Louisiana.

Concordia Parish Sheriff David Hedrick presented the awards to deputies Scott Goodman, Michael Johnson and Christopher Goad during a Concordia Chamber of Commerce meeting on Tuesday.

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“We had a young man shot in the neck by another young man. He was bleeding to death,” Hedrick said. “I arrived on the scene and there were a lot of deputies there, but there were a few who stood out in my mind. These deputies knew the ambulance was too far away so they did what it took to protect the citizen of Concordia Parish, no matter who they were or what the circumstance was.”

He added the three deputies recognized the danger and, knowing the ambulance wasn’t going to arrive in time to save the young man, took life-saving measures.

“They took that young man from the home, put him in the back of a pickup truck and drove him to the hospital, saving that young man’s life. He is alive today because of them,” he said.

Hedrick said he felt proud watching his deputies work from the scene.

“I couldn’t get to where they were. It was hard for me to sit back and let my deputies do their job but I find it’s a lot better when they do. To watch them in action would’ve made everyone in this room proud.”

The plaque he presented, which Hedrick read aloud, said after the deputy’s name, “in recognition of your courageous, life-saving attributes displayed on May 4, 2022. We thank you for your dedication and courage.”

Other awards presented Tuesday went to Phillip Smith, Gregory Jackson, Chadwick Fuqua, Stephen Lipscomb, Austin Peek and William Farmer, “for demonstrating unwavering dedication in combating crime within our community,” Hedrick said.