Woman tried to fake out Mississippi police officers, who caught on to her act. Suspect arrested on multiple charges.

Published 7:25 am Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A woman tried to fake out police officers who didn’t take long to catch on to her act and charge her with providing false information to an office and multiple drug charges.
On Thursday, Dec. 29,  shortly after 2 a.m, Coerinth Police officers spotted a vehicle driving with an inoperable headlight and tag light and initiated a traffic stop. The officers then made contact with the driver.
The driver stated that she did not have her license with her and proceeded to provide her name, that was later determined to be a false identity belonging to a relative.
Officers noticed drug paraphernalia in plain view on the center console of the vehicle and witnessed the driver, later identified as Symetra Grizzard, dropping items under the front of the driver seat. Officers then asked Grizzard to exit the vehicle to more safely conduct their interview.
Grizzard was placed under arrest initially because there was an existing active warrant for the false identity that she provided and it was later determined that she had multiple active warrants under her real identity as well.
When the officers searched the driver area of the vehicle where they saw Grizzard dropping items under the seat, they found drug paraphernalia in the form of straws for snorting narcotics and portable digital scales with drug residue on it.
Officers also discovered a clear plastic baggy containing 5.8 grams of a white substance that field tested positive for Cocaine.
Ms. Grizzard was then transported to the Alcorn County Jail where her true identity was uncovered and she was booked in for numerous traffic violations, two active warrants, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Providing False Information to Law Enforcement. Grizzard was later charged for Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine) and the narcotics were processed and delivered to the State Crime Lab for confirmation testing.
The felony drug case will be presented to an Alcorn County Grand Jury and the misdemeanor charges will be handled in Corinth Municipal Court.



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