Mississippi firefighters say young driver lucky after car crashes, ends up submerged in water

Published 6:45 am Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mississippi firefighters say a young man is lucky to be alive after he survived a crash that landed his car underwater.
Officials with the Shady Grove Fire Rescue posted an image of a car submerged with just its roof showing above the surface of the water on social media on Friday.
Thursday night, firefighters from Shady Grove responded to a call for a vehicle that ran off Trace Rd into the woods. The first firefighters on the scene could not locate the vehicle at the given location.
Officials says was later found underwater, but not in the woods as was reported.
“Fortunately, the young driver got out and was picked up walking down the road by two firefighters responding to the scene,” the social media post said. “He was wet and cold but uninjured.”
Officials on the posts asked those who see similar accident to stay on the scene in an effort to assist emergency personnel, which could save time and effort to save lives.
“Whoever saw it happen and called did not stop to help or even stay on scene to help firefighters locate the car,” the post said.  “The young driver was very lucky. If you see something like this please stop and at least check on the people.”




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