Mississippi has some amazing people and places — listen to this video for proof.

Published 11:49 am Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A Vicksburg resident walked into one of Mississippi’s most beautiful treasures and transformed the space with his amazing voice.

Photographer Marty Kitrell sang “How Great Thou Art” inside the Illinois Memorial on the grounds of the Vicksburg Military Park and recorded the concert for social media.

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Kittrell posts daily photos as part of his ministry on his Facebook page and accompanies many of them with inspirational words of devotion.

In Wednesday’s post, he included the following words:

“Many people think their hidden sins are not known by anyone but them. However, like the silhouette of a tree when the sun goes down, every branch is exposed. God knows your heart. Not only the bad stuff, but the good!

Use your prayer time to talk to Him about those “hidden” sins and ask for His forgiveness. He will if you sincerely confess it.
Then focus your prayer on the good things! Reflect on how you honored God with your words, deeds and actions today! Your Father will be so proud to relive those moments with you!
God is a not a mean God. But He wants us to be disciplined and walk the path He has set before us. Let him know when you have strayed and get that burden off your heart. Then enjoy that wonderful peaceful embrace that only God can give. — Marty Kittrell
This was after the sun set in the fields near Dump Lake in rural Yazoo County along Hwy. 3 last Sunday. To God be the glory!
Please follow this page with one easy click! Then share this post to help assist in this ministry to bring encouragement from Jesus Christ to the world! Thank you! I appreciate those who do.”