Weeks after canceling Mississippi concert, Morgan Wallen to sit out from singing for six weeks, says doctors diagnosed vocal chord damaged

Published 5:10 am Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Country music star Morgan Wallen said he is putting his tour on pause for six weeks on the advice of doctors who say he has damaged his vocal cords.

“They (Doctors) told me that if I do this the right way that I’ll get back to 100 percent. They also said that if I don’t listen and I keep singing, I’ll permanently damage my voice. So for the longevity of my career, this is the choice I had to make. I hate it but I love you guys,” Wallen said.

Wallen angered fans in April when he suddenly postponed his second concert one the Ole Miss campus in Vaught Hemingway Stadium. Wallen stunned nearly 60,000 fans who had been waiting in the stadium for hours, when he suddenly canceled the show on April 23.

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Wallen posted a video on social media Tuesday and explained his decision to sit out from singing for the next six weeks.


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“I’m just gonna go ahead and get straight to it. I got some bad news from my doctors at the Vanderbilt voice center yesterday. After taking ten days of vocal rest, I performed three shows last weekend in Florida and by the third one, I felt terrible,” Wallen said.

Wallen continued,

“I went in and got scoped yesterday, and they told me that I injured my vocal cords and that I have vocal fold trauma,” Wallen said. “Their advice is that I go on vocal rest for six weeks, so that’s what I’m going to do. They don’t want me to talk at all, but they said that if I need to, it’s OK for something like this.”

“Vocal fold trauma” can be caused by excessive and improper use of the voice.

Wallen will miss Thursday’s Academy of Country Music Awards, where he was scheduled to perform.