Mississippi woman facing long recovery after she was struck by a pickup

Published 9:37 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jordan Hartley is the 22-year-old Vicksburg woman who was seriously injured on May 12 when she was struck by a pickup truck in the parking lot behind the Gumbo Pot.

Having suffered a broken neck among other injuries, she has a long road to recovery.

Her mother, Stacy Hartley, has provided updates on her daughter’s condition regularly through Facebook.

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“Lord knows I wish I could trade places with her because I would in a split second. This is one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with in my life and I feel helpless because I can’t fix her,” Stacy wrote. “I can’t take the hurt and pain away and all I can do is hold her hand (and) wipe her tears because she’s scared to death and hurting, and tell her over and over again ‘Baby, you are going to be OK. God is taking care of you and you are one of the toughest people I have ever seen in my life.’”

The incident occurred when the driver was pulling out of a parking spot in reverse. The Vicksburg Police Department stated in a press release that witnesses stated that Jordan was walking toward the pickup as the driver placed the vehicle in reverse

Police Chief Penny Jones said Tuesday in a statement to The Post that the investigation into the incident was closed and all eyewitness accounts, including Jordan’s, lined up with each other. The driver was issued a citation for driving without insurance, but otherwise, no charges were filed.

The injuries sustained by Jordan from being struck by the vehicle pulling out of the parking spot included at least a broken neck, broken ankle, broken temple, brain bleeds and significant road rash, requiring two major surgeries.

A broken vertebrae had to be removed from her neck along with a disc. Several metal screws and plates have had to be put in Jordan’s neck.

“They had to put more hardware (in) than they thought. Now my baby has 360 degrees of titanium in her whole neck but she’s alive. She is having a very very hard time since coming out of this surgery. Her breathing has gotten very low, more than we would like to see,” Stacy wrote on May 18.

By May 22, Jordan was back at home, but not in ideal condition. She was not making progress as quickly as the hospital would like and she had difficulty eating.  For the time being, Stacy’s role has turned into a full-time caretaker. She posted on Facebook on May 23 looking for an electric recliner for sale that she could use for Jordan.

“She can only sleep with one pillow and it has to be a flat pillow because her neck can slip, even though she has a neck brace on at all times,” Stacy wrote. “I need it to be pet-free due to all of the open wounds she has. She has road rash from head to toe along with her incisions from both surgeries.”

According to Stacy, Jordan is expected to be in a neck brace for “a long while.”