Bow wow! Dogs can’t wait to shake a stick at this Mississippi ‘library’

Published 9:04 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Dog owners can now bring their furry companion by Brookhaven’s newest Dog Stick Library.

Lisa Wallace Pittman and Pam Wallace McCarty, featured in The Dart along with their extensive Christmas decorations last December, have added the library to their home called Storm Manor at 506 South Church Street.

McCarty said the idea of the Storm Manor Dog Stick Library is similar to the little children’s library outside of the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce building on Whitworth Avenue. Her brother Mutt Wallace lives in Washington D.C. where dog stick libraries are more common.

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“It was the cutest thing and in that area they are big about their pets. I thought why doesn’t Brookhaven have this,” McCarty said. “Brookhaven Animal Rescue League is so big here. I told my brother when I get home I am making a sign and will start one. I have watched many people walking their dogs down the street. I decided to start a dog stick library.”

Pittman said one of their favorite things to do is watch people walking down the street from the porch. Aside from drinking ice cold berry and mint lemonade on the porch in a cool breeze, McCarty added.

McCarty ordered a sign, nailed it to the tree, put pine straw down to tidy up the space and recruited her granddaughter to supply the dog sticks. It officially opened about two weeks ago.

“My granddaughter checks it every day and waters the plants. She notices when the dogs have been using the library,” McCarty said. “She helps to look after it.”

Storm Manor was once known as the Piano House according to the sisters. They recently added a grand piano to the bay window area, replaced the yard’s fencing and are always thinking of new ways to shine in the area.

A dog stick library is just one of their ideas and one they hope people across Brookhaven would adopt. Pittman said the library could help people clean up yards by picking up sticks, even if they don’t have a dog or their dog doesn’t like to play with sticks.

“We have enjoyed watching people come by and read the sign. They will wave to us like ‘that is so cute,’” Pittman said. “The first dog was a dalmatian. Our dream is the owners will get involved and have their own dog stick library in other parts of town.”