This small town leader with Olympic-sized dreams doesn’t want just any pool for his community

Published 8:27 am Tuesday, June 20, 2023

An alderman of a small Mississippi town said he has Olympic-sized dreams for his community regarding a community pool.

Brookhaven Alderman Andre Spiller said he wants area kids to be able to go for the gold and the way to accomplish that is to build a pool that is big enough for such lofty goals.

Lincoln County Board of Supervisors heard Brookhaven Alderman Andre Spiller present the idea he had for cooperation between the city and county government and school districts Monday morning. The board met for its regularly scheduled board meeting on Juneteenth.

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Spiller said his idea is to open up an Olympic size pool to be used by students in the Brookhaven School District and Lincoln County School District. It could teach students how to swim and open up the chance for students to compete on a swim team and earn college scholarships.

He suggested the pool could be an opportunity to work with Co-Lin in sports medicine too. In the summer time it could be used as a public pool for students in the school districts.

“We would like to incorporate swimming into the schools like we have with volleyball. There are a lot of kids here who don’t know how to swim or don’t have access,” Spiller said. “They have different sports inside the schools and swimming would be a good sport to have. We could get kids involved and get them certified as a lifeguard and provide a summer job.”

Spiller said he knows a specific privately-owned site where the pool could be built. He told the board of supervisors they needed to start somewhere so he proposed the idea. Lincoln County Administrator Daniel Calcote suggested they could look into a Parks and Recreation Grant from the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Spiller will present the idea at the Board of Aldermen meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Lincoln County/Brookhaven Government Complex.