Restaurant workers find videos of Tennessee soccer coach raping drugged boys, police say

Published 11:25 am Monday, July 10, 2023

A heartbreaking investigation is underway as Franklin (Tennessee) Police work to identify several young children who were drugged and raped by a Franklin man.

Camilo Hurtado Campos, a popular soccer coach, is being held for Rape of a Child and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. Detectives are expected to file several additional charges.

Police were contacted by a local restaurant after staff found a cell phone left behind by a customer, later determined to be Campos. Workers took a look through it to try and find info that would lead them to the owner, so they could return the phone. What they found, instead, were dozens of unconscionable videos and pictures of children, and so they called police.

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During an immediate and tireless investigation, Detectives found hundreds of disturbing videos and pictures on that phone. In many of them, Campos recorded himself raping unconscious boys between approximately 9 and 17 years old.

The 63-year-old soccer coach has lived in Franklin for the last 20 years, with that time split between two neighborhoods: Hill Estates and, most recently, on Glass Lane in the downtown Franklin area. During off-hours, Campos frequented nearby school playgrounds in both neighborhoods where he approached kids and recruited them as players on his team. After gaining their trust, Campos invited many of the kids to his home where he drugged and then raped them.

The rapes of at least 10 children have been found on Campos’s phone, so far. Working with local schools, Detectives have identified two of his victims. Police hope that those familiar with Campos can help them put a name with the faces of the remaining victims.

Detectives say that the children in these videos were in such an unconscious state, that they might not even realize that they are victims.

If you or your child have been associated with Campos through the years, especially if he has been your child’s coach, Franklin Police want to hear from you at (615) 794-2513, or you can start an email conversation by clicking here.