Mississippi Skies: Get ready for even hotter conditions

Published 9:11 pm Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The heat continues to rise across the Magnolia State! Most of us will hit the upper-90s Wednesday, even before the heat index values are included.

Thunderstorms certainly overperformed in northern Mississippi Tuesday evening and Tuesday night. Officially, there was just a slight chance of rain, but we saw several severe thunderstorms develop, lasting much longer than expected.

Although the official forecast doesn’t include rain or storms for most of the state, we’re going to go ahead and include the possibility of an isolated shower or thunderstorms throughout Mississippi simply because it’s going to be so hot and so humid. Most of us will remain dry with dangerous heat possible, but we saw during the last 24 hours that anything that develops could strengthen quickly. Anyone working or playing outdoors should remember the rule of “when thunder roars, head indoors.”

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North Mississippi

Sunny with a high near 97 and a heat index of 106. Becoming cloudy in the evening and clearing overnight. Low of 77.

Central Mississippi

Sunny with a high of 97 and heat index of 106. Mostly clear Wednesday night with a low of 75.

South Mississippi

Sunny with a high near 98 and a heat index of 107. Clear Wednesday night with a low of 74.

Gulf Coast

Sunny with a high near 96 and heat index of 107. Partly cloudy overnight with a low of 76.