Mississippi teen shot, killed at party

Published 7:34 pm Thursday, July 27, 2023

A Batesville teenager was killed by gunfire early Sunday morning at an outdoor party on Shiloh Road just steps from a Panola County Sheriff’s deputy. In the ensuing mayhem the shooter, or shooters, made a getaway in the crowd.

Sheriff Shane Phelps said investigators have interviewed several witnesses who were on the scene and are piecing together the information. Arrests are expected, the sheriff said.

What was advertised as a block party on social media for several days before last Saturday, July 22, was being patrolled by deputies in the hours before the murder.

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Phelps said he and other department heads were aware of the party, and had deputies riding the road during the event to make sure the crowds stayed on private property and cars were not blocking access to Shiloh Road, which runs between Hwy. 51 at Courtland to Eureka Rd.

“They were not charging to get into the party so they didn’t need a permit from the county, but I knew we needed to have a presence there,” Phelps said. “I had deputies getting out of their vehicles to walk around and be seen and talk to people and we had not had any problems from the crowd.”

“Before midnight I told the officers that we need to shut the party down by midnight because I felt like it had gone on long enough,” Phelps said. “About 12:30 we had a deputy talking to the homeowner and telling him that it was time to end the party when out of nowhere the shooting started.”

Phelps, calling the killing sad and senseless, said it was fortunate that more people were not killed or injured. “It happened so fast and from a direction the deputies could not see. Just that quick a young man lost his life.”

Killed was Jordan Henderson, 18, who had graduated from South Panola High School in May.

“Deputies immediately rendered CPR to the victim, but he couldn’t be saved,” Phelps said.

Another man was seriously injured and is reportedly hospitalized in Memphis.

Anyone with information should contact the Sheriff’s Office or call Crimestoppers at 662-209-2011.

-The Panolian