Video of Mississippi men fighting with plank of wood, shovel goes viral on Internet

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A recent video of a Mississippi man left bloodied after he and two others fought with a shovel and wooden plank has gone viral.

TMZ posted about the fight that was posted to Facebook and reportedly occurred outside a house in Jackson.

The story about the video is also posted on The Daily Mail website. 

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In the video, three men square off over what appears to be a disagreement about an ATV.

Laced with graphic language, the two-minute video shows two men screaming at a third man in a white T-shirt beside his truck, when one man whacks the man in the white shirt over the head with a wooden plank. The man appears to fall to the ground momentarily. When he gets back up, the shirt is covered in what appears to be blood from an open wound.

The exchange then escalates to the point where one the two men reaches for a shovel and commences to bash the man in the white T-shirt with the implement.

In the video the man stumbles backward before getting into his truck to leave the property, but not before he rams the truck into another vehicle on the property.

Click here to see video and story on TMZ website.